Steve Biko Housing Association: Review of Racist Harassment

In partnership with Icarus Collective Ltd, we are currently reviewing all aspects relating to racist harassment as part of Steve Biko HA larger development of its equality and diversity services. This review includes undertaking local focus groups with tenants, analysis of racist harassment cases included numbers of reported cases, identifying national, regional and local good practice, identifying current local support services. The commission also includes us developing publicity materials, information for victims, and devising a training programme that we will deliver to key staff from a range of agencies.

On-going Commissions: Equality and Diversity Training

Training on equality and diversity continues to be delivered to a range of organisations. The training offered includes an Introduction to Diversity, which focuses on working with new staff to raise their awareness of issues relating to diversity, including making assumptions and stereotyping, basic aspects of the legislation, familiarity of their organisational diversity policy and recognising their responsibilities. Training is also delivered to managers responsible for implementing diversity policies. This focuses on developing competencies of managers to both respond and be comfortable in responding to the challenges of diversity.