Our client list has included:

  • Birmingham City Council
  • Christian Action (Enfield) Housing Association
  • Commission for Racial Equality
  • Greater Manchester Police Authority
  • Halton Voluntary Action
  • Housing Diversity Network
  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Lancaster University
  • London Borough of Harrow
  • London Borough of Merton
  • London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames
  • Walsall Housing Group
  • Wolverhampton City Council
Case Studies

Birmingham City Council: Harassment Training for Housing Staff

In partnership with Housing Diversity Network, a training programme on Harassment: The Victimís Perspective was developed for and delivered to Birmingham City Council housing and anti-social behaviour staff. The first part of the training programme focused on recognising the nature, extent and impact of harassment using case studies, evidence from research and video material. The second part of the programme focused on participants recognising and understanding what the key attributes are of offering a service from the Ďvictimís perspectiveí by using evidence from research accounts of victims of racist harassment. The third part of the programme focused on familiarising staff, through using vignettes and case scenarios, how to apply Birmingham City Councilís Harassment policy and procedures. Over 80% of staff rated the training as excellent or very good.
London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames: Research on Racist Harassment
K Chahal Ltd was commissioned to establish the nature and extent of racist harassment in the Borough, undertake a review of national evidence, and offer recommendations for action. The research undertook a questionnaire survey, held local focus groups with minority ethnic organisations, interviews with representatives from key agencies, and a national review of evidence. The findings of the research was able to offer an estimated level of non-reporting of racist incidents and an insight into the level and consequences of racist harassment on the lives of minority ethnic people. The report highlighted that victims of racist harassment were as likely to tell their family and friends as they were to report to an official agency, for example, the police. This suggested different routes to receiving help and support. The report made a series of recommendations for action.